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December 7, 2023
Allie Bieber Age, Bio, Career & Family in 2023

Allie Bieber Age, Bio, Career & Family in 2023

Oct 6, 2023

Allie Bieber a social media personality is fundamentally famous because of her stepbrother a famous & fabulous singer Justin Bieber. This astounding singer doesn’t need any introduction as everybody knows him very well due to his successful singing career and fantastic heart-touching songs.

Justin has a strong bond with all of his siblings including his step-sister Allie seen by some of the pictures on social media. To know more about Allie Bieber, read the whole article.

Biography of Allie Bieber:

Allie, hailing from Canadian soil, was born on April 7, 2007, under the fiery sign of Aries. Her mixed heritage reflects the rich diversity of her homeland, and with Canadian citizenship as her foundation, she’s set to embark on her unique journey, following in the footsteps of the renowned singer her stepbrother Justin Bieber.

Allie Bieber

Name Full Name: Allie Bieber
Nickname: Allie
Parents Father: Soon Updated
Mother: Chelsey Rebello Bieber
Date of Birth April 7, 2007
Place of Birth Canada
Age 16 years
  • Social Media Personality
Complexion Fair
Nationality Canadian
Physical Appearance Height: 5 feet
Weight: 45 kg
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Brown
Religion Christianity
Net Worth $1 Million
Zodiac Sign Aries
Social Media Presence Instagram

Allie Bieber’s Age:

What is the age of Justin Bieber’s younger step-sister Allie? A common question that comes into everybody’s mind. Here we will provide you with all basic information regarding Allie including her age, siblings, parents, and personal life. However, Allie who is going to hitch her wagon to a star according to her DOB is currently a 16-year-old teenager.

Age 16 years

Early life:

We have already conferred basic information regarding Allie. Furthermore, Allie was born to Chelsey Rebelo Bieber. However, the question that comes to everybody’s mind that who is Allie’s biological father?

This question is raised as Jeremy Bieber (a famous social media personality) who is the present husband of Chelsey and the biological father of Justin Bieber is not the biological father of Allie. Allie is from one of the previous relationships of her mother.

Chelsey after her marriage with Jeremy changed the sir name of herself and her daughter from Rebelo to Bieber. That’s the reason that Allie is also known as Allie Rebelo.

Allie has 4 siblings Jazmyn, Justin Bay, and Jaxon. Not only 4 of them have a close relationship with each other but all the family is very close seen by some of the pictures on social media.

Concerning education Allie has come to know that she has completed her high school studies at North Point Highs School. However, to continue her studies, she got admission to a well-known University.  

Allie Bieber


Allie who is already famous for being the step-sister of Justin Bieber wants to make her name in the world for which she is struggling hard at a very young age. She is a social media influencer as she has more than 249k followers on her Instagram which is a considerable range of followers.

Furthermore, she has also appeared in some of the music videos and live shows of Justin Bieber. Besides this, she also cohosts her sister Jazmyn’s YouTube channel. Moreover, Allie herself also likes to make & upload videos on TikTok based on different content and sometimes she makes dance videos.

Additionally, she also prioritizes her professional singing career.  Allie used to do all of her jobs along with her studies. All this shows that at this young age, she is struggling very hard to get success and become popular as we have talked about.

Profession/ Career
  • Social Media Personality

Allie’s Loved One:

When it comes to the relationship of Allie everyone became more curious about her life. However, according to the most recent updates regarding Allie’s relationship is that she is single and pursuing her studies along with her career.

She doesn’t want any relationship in her life yet to focus on her career along with her studies so that she will become successful. Also, she is too young to have any kind of relationship. However, if there will be any update regarding her relationship we will update you regarding the news.

Net Worth:

As we have discussed in detail about Allie’s career and all. She earns a satisfactory amount being a social media personality (we have already discussed the details). However, based on a few searches it comes to know that she has a net worth of $1 million.

Net Worth $1 Million

Physical Appearance:

Allie looks so cute with her chubby appearance. However, she is currently 5 feet tall and weighs approximately 45 kg. She has blonde hair along with brown beautiful eyes. She cuts a dash with all of the beautiful features she possesses.

Physical Appearance
  • Height: 5 feet
  • Weight: 45 kg
  • Hair Color: Blonde
  • Eye Color: Brown

Allie Bieber Age

Frequently Asked Questions:

who are the parents of Allie Bieber?
Chelsey Bieber is the mother of Allie while her biological father is unknown. However, at present time Jeremy Bieber Chelsey’s husband is the father of Allie Bieber.

Does Allie Bieber have a Boyfriend?
Allie is currently single. Being so young she is not even supposed to have a relationship in life and also due to her career & studies.

Is there another name for Allie Bieber?
Allie’s mother Chelsey changed her and her daughter’s name after getting married to Jeremy Bieber. That’s the reason Allie Bieber is also known as Allie Rebelo.

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