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Best Solar Companies in South Carolina of 2024

Best Solar Companies in South Carolina of 2024

Jan 27, 2024

These days the use of solar panels is getting as popular as it provides you the facility to avoid paying expensive power bills. Presently, a lot of solar installation companies are providing services for installing solar panels, especially in South Carolina.

So, sometimes it becomes difficult to choose the one. Don’t worry we’re here to help you. By reading this article you will be able to choose the best solar installation companies for yourself.

South Carolina Solar Companies:

As we have already conferred a lot of companies, especially in South Carolina are offering the best solar installation companies. Here we will provide you with the details of some best solar companies.

We’re not giving you information based on a guess; rather, we’re giving you information on these businesses after conducting in-depth research on them or after obtaining client testimonials (reviews). It includes Sunrun, Palmetto, Blue Raven, Elevation, and Sun Power. Details of these South Carolina solar companies are:

  • Sunrun:

Sunrun is the cut above the rest companies as it provides you not only with the best solar panels but also with satisfactory installation. The most attractive point for people to buy their panels is that they provide a 25-year guarantee of their solar panels.

Not only this because of their high reliability about 900,000 houses in South Carolina have installed their equipment. With all those reliabilities and guaranteed features, this solar company also provides you with an affordability facility.

The whole equipment and installation expenditures are not so high. After the installation and all the procedures, you don’t need to pay a higher amount to them monthly. The monthly payments are predictable and have fixed rates.

best solar companies

  • Palmetto:

Palmetto is also a reliable solar panel installation company. It provides almost all the features that Sunrun provides. You can look for the rates facilities and services that each company offers and after that, you can select the one that you feel is reliable for you.

best solar companies


It is among the most wanted solar panel companies as they provide not only long-term mental peace but also with long-term financial peace as you don’t have to pay for the first 18 months after the installation also it saves 10–30% on electricity each month.

Additionally, it provides you with hassle-free installation within one day. This is also among the top-rated companies in South Carolina, USA.

best solar companies

  • Elevation:

It is among also among good solar companies that provide you with a 25-year warranty to its customers which may be the central point of attraction for people after analyzing its quality.

It is low cost and helps you to save energy resources or you may identify areas Where your energy is being used and how much you may save are both shown via real-time statistics.

best solar companies


It is also a very good solar installation company. Provides you with the same facilities as Elevation. You can look over it to compare the pricing strategies and all. After these all steps, you can choose the one that is reliable for you.

best solar companies

Solar power Installation Benefits:

These solar panels provide you with a lot of benefits. Some of them are listed below:

  • Cut Down on Electricity Costs:

Solar panels reduce the consumption of electricity which results in low electricity bills. It helps you to save your money. As we all know the inflation rate is going higher day by day so it helps you to stay safe from increasing expenditures.

  • Diminish the Use of Carbon Dioxide:

If you’ve installed or thinking of installing solar panel equipment you’re playing the safe as you are attempting to save our environment.

The increase in the use of solar panels reduces the release of carbon dioxide into the environment which helps in making our environment safe from pollution. The use of Solar panels also saves the consumption of a lot of nonrenewable resources.

  • It Continues to Be Lightened:

Sometimes, due to heavy rain and several other weather condition there may be a complete black it may go long for 2-3 days. In such situations, solar panels act as life savers. It keeps lighting your house by using sunlight instead of using any harmful substances.

  • Rising Your Property Value:

If you’re selling your house and have already installed the solar panel system in it. It will increase its value. Zillow (Zillow and its affiliates provide clients with an on-demand real estate, purchasing, and rental experience) found that homes with solar panels sold for 3.5% more than properties without solar.

Things You Should Keep in Mind While Selecting the Solar Installation Company:

  • Check Out the Solar Companies:

You must look and research for best solar companies if possible visit the company. You can also check for customer reviews for best selection.

  • Offering Services:

You should look for the services which a particular company offers you. Compare all the benefits that each organization provides you and then make a final decision.

  • Duration of Warranty:

Another important thing that you should take care of while selecting the company is to check the guaranteed time. You should look at which company provides you with more warranty period because the companies which provide you with more warranty period its quality is the best.

  • Pricing:

Another important thing is to check the cost in which each company is providing you with all the benefits and equipment you desire. Verifying the cost is a very important thing as in most cases multiple companies are providing you with the same benefits but have differences in their pricing.

State-Based Rewards:

When you install a solar panel in South Carolina or any other particular state or city. You’ll be provided with a few of the government incentives.

  • Solar Energy Tax Credit:

With the federal solar tax credit, also known as the investment tax credit or ITC, you may deduct 30% of the price of your solar energy system from your federal taxes. For example: a $3,000 credit will be applied to your tax statement if the installation of your solar panel system costs $10,000.

  • Utilizing Net Metering:

It is a process of finishing or reducing the amount of your electricity bills by sharing the energy resources of your solar panel with the local grid.  Many of the states in the USA including South Carolina are providing this facility to the users of solar panels to save energy sources.

  • Note that here you’re provided not only the information about the best solar panel companies but also with the strategies & overall benefits of buying solar equipment.

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