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April 16, 2024
Uncover the Truth About Darryl Hommo Baum’s Life in 2024

Uncover the Truth About Darryl Hommo Baum’s Life in 2024

Mar 28, 2024

In general, we talk about different famous people. However, in today’s article, we are going to reveal the secrets about the personality who got recognition for being the friend and guard of Mike Tyson (American Boxer). Yes, we are going to converse over the life story of Darryl Hommo Baum former guard of the boxer who widely got recognition for being a close friend of him.

Early life of Darryl Hommo Baum:

As per the provided information, it is found that the bodyguard was born on August 20, 1965, in Brooklyn, New York. However, information about his parents is under rags. Besides that, it came to know that he has a brother named Tyrone & has a sister named Zakia.

Further, if we talk about his educational details nothing is known. Moreover, the individual history of Darryl is found dark as he was related to some street gangsters and was also involved in drug cases.

His involvement in these bad works not only led him to death but also caused harm to his family. Read the below paragraphs to know everything about the gangsters.

Darryl and Mike

Name Full Name: Darryl Hommo Baum
Nickname: Darryl
Parents Father: N/A
Mother: N/A
Date of Birth 20 August, 1965
Place of Birth Brooklyn, New York
Age 34 years at the time of death
Profession Bodyguard
Complexion Fair
Nationality American
Physical Appearance Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Religion N/A
Net Worth N/A
Zodiac Sign Leo
Social Media Presence N/A

A Lifelong Bond with the Boxer:

Darryl Baum and Mike Tyson were friends for a long time. However, Mike helps his friend get a suitable job by appointing him as his guard to protect him from bad company, but fate has accepted something else.

Mike Tyson:

Mike Tyson

Social Media Presence Instagram

However, Mike being a true friend of Darryl devoted his 38-second victory over Lou Savarese to him. In addition, he announced a $50,000 reward for information that would result in the apprehension of all those responsible for Baum’s shooting death.

Darryl and Mike

The Breakthrough Moment for Darryl Baum:

As we’ve told before Darryl was involved with street gangsters. However, his involvement with them led him to make a murder attempt on 25-year-old rapper 50 Cent on May 24, 2000.

However, even after shooting nine times, he failed to kill the rapper. He did this on the call of the leader of the gang McGriff. The gangster asked him to do this because of the mutual problems that he had with the rapper.

Death of Darryl Baum:

Darryl’s involvement with gangsters gave him nothing except grief and difficulties even though he lost his life because of his toxic friendships. However, at the age of 34 Darryl was killed by a gunshot that hit him from the back while he was heading to his home.

Afterward, a police investigation revealed that the guy who killed Darryl was Damion Hardy, who belonged to another gang and was on bad terms with Darryl. However, the guys were arrested and are still behind bars.

Darryl and Mike

The scenario of Darryl’s Brother Tyrone’s Death:

Because of having everlasting love for his brother Tyrone the younger brother of Darryl Baum decides to take revenge for his beloved brother’s death from the culprit. However, his decision brought him nothing except more difficulties and pain. Moreover, following the revenge path finally results in his death at a building site.

Problems Faced by Darryl’s Sister:

Darryl’s sister Zakia Baum doesn’t sit silent at the death of her brother. She decided to take revenge by using her connection with a gang. Also, she and her niece Epiphany Baum daughter of Tyrone made victim impact statements which caused them a lot of problems.

Physical Appearance:

However, even being the guard of a famous personality Darryl Baum lived his life completely behind the curtains. Moreover, just like his early life and childhood passion his body measurements are also not known.

However, it is found that because of being the guard he took much care of his physical health and hence looked as fit as a fiddle. Further, he had black colored eyes and hair.

Physical Appearance Height: N/A
Hair Color:
Eye Color:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is Darryl Hommo Baum?
Darryl Hommo Baum is a man who is widely recognized for being the bodyguard and best friend of the boxer Mike Tyson.

At which age Darryl Hommo Baum was killed?
Darryl was killed at the age of 34. His involvement with street gangsters leads him to death.

What Happened to Darryl Hommo Baum’s Young Brother?
Darryl’s brother Tyrone was very furious at the death of his beloved brother and wanted to take revenge. This revenge leads him to death.

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