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Everything You Want to Know About Netflix Series Dubai Bling & its Cast in 2023

Everything You Want to Know About Netflix Series Dubai Bling & its Cast in 2023

Sep 15, 2023

Dubai Bling is a Netflix series which was released on October 27, 2022. It was a series that was made on millionaire women who are free from societal boundaries and can do whatever they wish for.

This series does not seem to be scripted as it shows the reality of the world. Moreover, this series is composed of 8 episodes. According to Netflix, this series shows the lifestyle of 10 Arab millionaires who are living such a luxurious life.

Dubai Bling

The cast of Dubai Bling:

Main cast members of Dubai Bling include Ebraheem Al Samadi, Loujain Adada, Kris Fade, Brianna Fade, DJ Bliss, Diva Dee, Farhana Bodi, Zeina Khoury, Lojain Omran and Safa Siddiqui. Moreover, let’s assess the true wealth of these drama queens and monarchs.

Dubai Bling

Ebraheem Al Samadi:

Dubai Bling cast member Ebraheem Al Samadi whose age at the moment is 35 is an entrepreneur in Dubai. Forever Rose, a business that specializes in roses that live for many years without water or sunshine, was founded by Ebraheem Al Samadi.

He is the second richest member of Dubai Bling, with a net worth of USD 50 million. Moreover, recently Ebraheem Al Samadi got married and also he shares pictures while spending quality time with his wife.

Ebraheem Al Samadi

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Loujain Adada:

Loujain Adada is someone who will age early in November 2023, becoming 34 was not old money. Loujain started her career as a model when she was only 14. However, she was selected to anchor the music show Energy Spin Magazine on MTV Lebanon at the age of 21.

Her fate completely changed when she became the 3rd wife of Walid Juffali at the age of 25, a 60-year-old businessman from Saudi Arabia. They were married in 2012 in a lavish ceremony that cost millions of dollars.

At her wedding, Loujain wore a diamond necklace that was $3 million. Their wedding was in the headlines as it was the most expensive wedding. After their nuptial ceremony, Loujain’s husband Walid Juffali was diagnosed with cancer.

He battled his disease for a handful of years but passed away in 2016. After the death of Walid Juffali Loujain claimed that he died very soon after the birth of their second daughter.

Loujain on the 6th death anniversary of her husband confessed his love for him by writing an Instagram caption. However, she is still not married. Moreover, she is at last prepared to move on and begin seeking a new partner, as we can see from her most recent reality program on Netflix.

She made her debut on Dubai Bling for a blind date with Forever Rose creator Ebraheem Al Samadi. Regarding the net worth of Loujain, it is found that her net worth is much less than Ebraheem Al Samadi as her net worth is assumed between $3.8 million to $4 million.

Loujain Adada

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Kris Fade:

The wealthy and well-liked radio DJ, businessman, singer, and reality TV personality Kris Fade who, at the moment, is 43 years old has a $5-million-dollar fortune. Moreover, Kris is richer than Loujain Adada in terms of net worth.

The Kris Fade Show, which airs on 104.4 Virgin Radio Dubai and the KIIS Network in Australia, is his breakfast radio program and he is the host of it.

Kris Fade

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Brianna Fade:

Kris Fade married Brianna Ramirez Fade in 2022 which was also shown on the Netflix hit series Dubai Bling and now they are the parents of their two beautiful daughters Noushie and Kikki. At Kris’s firm, Fade Fit, Brianna currently works as the brand manager. Additionally, it’s believed that she has a net worth of about $1.5 million.

Brianna Fade

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DJ Bliss:

Disc jockey, emcee, TV presenter, and radio host Marwan Parham Al Awadhi, better known by his stage name DJ Bliss, is currently 42 years old and is an Emirati who works in Dubai.

Additionally, DJ Bliss is the first Emirati musician to sign with significant multinational record labels, including BMG and Universal Music, the largest record label in the world. Having his record Made in Dubai chart at the top on iTunes makes him the first DJ from the UAE to do so. His net worth ranges from $1 to $5 million.

DJ Bliss

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Diva Dee: 

DJ Bliss married to Danya Mohammed aka Diva Dee who is currently 40 years old in 2015 and they happily welcomed their two lovely children Zayed & Meera. Moreover, besides being the wife of DJ Bliss Deeva is also famous for being a social media influencer.

Diva Dee

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Farhana Bodi:

In addition to being a reality star and a fashion aficionado, Farhana who will become 40 years old woman early in Dec 2023 founded “I Am Woman Of The World,” a business that empowers women of all backgrounds while connecting companies and customers through events.

The publication draws the assumption that she earns $50,000 from modeling engagements alone, and they calculate that her own business earns at least $50,000 annually. She might be worth $2.5 million all told. Although some sources estimate her net worth to be closer to $1.5 million.

Farhana Bodi

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Zeina Khoury:

Due in significant part to her position as CEO and Chief Growth Officer of High Mark Real Estate, an upscale brokerage in the United Arab Emirates, Zeina Khoury is rumored to have a net worth ranging from $310,000 to $2.8 million.

She is a self-made person and worked hard to achieve success.  Furthermore, she married Hanna Azzi Pearl Jumeira, Dubai, the general manager of Nikki Beach Hotels & Resorts EMEA. More than 10 years have passed since their marriage. Moreover, they welcomed their two children happily.

Zeina Khoury

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Lojain Omran:

TV host and social media influencer Lojain Omran who will become 46 years old early in 2023 is from Saudi Arabia. Her status as “Saudi Arabia’s most desired influencer” was even acknowledged by Mashable Middle East.

Moreover, her net worth is estimated between USD 1 million to USD 6 million. That estimate is certainly nothing to laugh at, even though she is not Dubai Bling’s wealthiest member.

Regarding her personal life, it is found that she has two children with her ex-husband. However, she never revealed her former husband. Nevertheless, web sleuths assert that Omran wed Emirati businessman Sheikh Salman Al Thani when she was 16 years old.

The couple is rumored to have since split because Omran preferred to focus on her career.

Lojain Omran

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Safa Siddiqui:

Safa who is currently 35 years old gives her admirers a tour of her sizable, luxurious wardrobe. In addition, the Iraqi-British fashion designer, who also appeared in the hit Netflix series “Dubai Bling,” explains her fashion philosophy and why she only wears companies she believes in.

As of 2023 her net worth ranges between 1 to 2 million dollars. Moreover, she married Fahad Siddiqui who is the owner and managing director of Indo Rise General Trading LLC.

Moreover, he also made an appearance on the series Dubai Bling. Safa and her beloved husband Fahad happily welcomed their two children together.

Safa Siddiqui


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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there a second season of Dubai Bling?
After the show’s debut last year, it immediately developed a sizable fan base, and the audience eagerly awaited its return. However, regarding the second season of the popular reality series Dubai Bling Official confirmation of the comeback of the popular reality series has come from Netflix.

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