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How to Be a Good Mother

How to Be a Good Mother

Nov 8, 2023

How to be a Good Mother? What is meant by being a good mother?  These are the normal question that arises in almost every woman who is a mother or going to be a mother. Being a good mother is not as tough as our society has made.

Our society set up the golden rules for being a good mother and if a woman is unable to approach it she is not a good mother; she is unable to give her kids good teachings.

Because of the golden rules settled by society mothers often face some problems like depression, anxiety, and many more. Being a good mother or being a perfect mother these two are completely different terms.

No individual in this world is perfect. Likewise, no mother can be so perfect but she can try to do the things which will be easier for her and also beneficial for her child or children.

Beneficial Tips for Being a Good Mother:

Here we will provide you with some beneficial tips about how to be a good mother without any stress or anxiety.

how to be good mother

  • Love:

How to be a good mother is about loving your child. They should believe that you are their mother and love them in every condition and every circumstance. When you give them love they will learn how to love and in return, they will also give you love.

how to be a good mother

  • Care:

How to be a good mother is about taking care of your child, especially when they are newly born. Because they are completely dependent on their mother for their every desire and they are not even able to tell their mom what they need.

So, in that case, you have to notice every action of your child. Not only in the early years of life you should have to care for them in their teens or when they are adults when they are sick or very tired. This will also give your child a good lesson to be caring when someone needs your care.

Mother and baby

  • Support:

How to be a good mother is to be supportive of your child. If he is passionate about something for his career like he wants to be an architect, musician, or fashion designer instead of being a doctor, engineer, or business man which most parents desire.

You should have to support them instead of being unsupportive. If you are supportive of them then it will help your children to be confident and do whatever they want to but it must be the right thing.

supportive mother

  • Time:

How to be a good mother is about giving your child a proper time. If you have so many kids, you should have spare a special time for them.

The time in which you can play with them, talk to them, have fun with them, Do their different hobby with them or many more. This will help you in being closer to your child or children. It will also make your children happy and confident.


  • Be friendly:

How to be a good mother is about behaving with your child or children friendly. If you behave with them not only like a mother but also like a friend, they will be able to share their problems with you. Sometimes some serious mistakes happen to your child or something very serious happens to them in such a situation he might hide it which results in bigger problems.

To avoid such problems, you have to do friendly behavior with your child or children so that they may be able to tell you about the mistakes and incidents that happen.

friendly mother

  • Set Rules:

How to be a good mother is to set rules in your house that your child has to follow and if he not he will face the circumstances. You should also give your child boundaries so your child must know what he has to do or not. It might save your child from difficult situations.


  • Avoiding Comparisons:

How to be a good mother is about not comparing your children with the other ones as it may lead to a feeling of insecurity in your child. It might create some problems in your house. So, if you want to give any lesson to your child for his mistakes you should have to do it without comparison.

avoiding comparison


  • Support in Case of Being Special:

How to be a good mother is to support your child if they are born with some disabilities like not being able to walk to talk or something like that like a normal human being. If you will not do that it might create problems not only for your child but also for yourself.

You should have to give them confidence that whatever you are you are perfect. This will help them not focus on their disabilities but on the abilities they possess so that they will be able to do their best and succeed.

If your kid is not an extrovert and prioritizes being alone, you should encourage them that it’s OK if they want to be like that, or on the other hand you have to create a special bond with them so they will be able to share their things with you.

support for special child

  • Give Time to Yourself:

About how to be a good mother, besides the fact that you have to take care of your children, you have to take care of yourself too. Because if you are fit your children will be fit. You have to take care of yourself because sometimes you may be exhausted due to the responsibilities and want to free yourself from them.

Giving yourself a proper time every day will help you to be ready for the next morning.  It will also help your children to learn how to take care of themselves and how important it is.

me time

  • Assigning Jointly:

If you are so tired you can ask your husband to take care of your child for one night as you are not able to sleep properly for a few days and if you are a single mother, you can ask for help from your friend who can take care of your child for one night in which you can seep properly so that you will be able to do your daily tasks more efficiently.

tired mom

  • Providing Models:

A child mostly follows the deeds that their parents used to do. You should set examples for your children by themselves. If you want to stop them from something make sure that you also don’t do such things. You should have set examples in front of your child so that he will follow you considering you a role model.

role model


The Long and the Short of It is that you can be a good mother if you follow some guidelines. Nobody is saying to be a perfect mother and you have to follow these rules whatever happens.

You can follow them as much as you can. However, following these rules is not so difficult, by following them you can give your child a good childhood and the ability to do everything confidently but it shouldn’t be wrong.

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