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Jane Musky’s Biography, Age, Height, Family in 2023

Jane Musky’s Biography, Age, Height, Family in 2023

Aug 16, 2023

Jane Musky, whose full name is Jane Michelle Musky, is currently 69 years old lady born on May 27, 1954, in Maplewood, New Jersey. She was born last May, and her birth sign is Gemini. Her nationality is American, as she was born in the USA. She has white ethnicity.


Jane Musky is well known because of having a prosperous professional career. Jane became more famous after being Tony Goldwyn’s wife. When Jane married Tony, everyone was curious to discover who Tony Goldwyn’s wife was. You can get basic information about Jane by reading the table or detailed knowledge about her life by reading a whole article.

Name Full Name: Jane Michelle Musky
Nickname: Jane Musky
Parents Father: John Peter
Mother: Polka Peter
Date of Birth May 27, 1954
Place of Birth Maplewood, New Jersey
Age 69 Years
Siblings No
Complexion Fair
Nationality American
Marital Status Married
Religion Christianity
Gender Female
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Social Media Presence Twitter

Educational Details:

To get higher education, Jane went to her hometown high school Columbia High School, a four-year comprehensive regional public high school in Maplewood, New Jersey, United States of America. She graduated from high school in 1972. Later got admission to Boston University College of Fine Arts, where she received the degree of BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts).

Jane Musky

There she also wins silver & gold medals for helping to create a women’s crew team. At Boston University, she also wrote & directed a short film named “NINE.” All of it shows that she works hard to lead a successful life.

Education School: Columbia High School
College: College of Fine Arts
University: Boston University


Jane Musky was fond of being popular in the United States. Hence to achieve something in life, we must give our blood, sweat, and tears to it exactly done by Jane. She started working hard to earn a name in Hollywood when she was young. She started her journey in small steps.

Tony Goldwyn Wife

First, she worked as a designer in New York and at the London Theatre. Afterward, she worked as a production designer at Harker`s Studio in London. Later she got a chance to work as an assistant designer and scenic artist in cooperation with different known studios in the USA.


Professionally, Jane Musky is Production Designer, Film Art Director, and TV Art Director. She worked very hard to have a successful career & at last, after a long journey, she earned a name. She is known for designing movies like When Harry Met Sally, Maid in Manhattan, Glengarry Glen Ross, Blood Simple, and Raising Arizona.

  • Production Designer
  • Film Art Director
  • TV Art Director

Jane Musky’s Parents:

Jane is the daughter of hardworking parents. As she saw her parents working hard to live a good life Jane at a young age, followed her parent’s work hard & now, she is a successful person.

However, her father, John Peter, was a musician, while her mother was also a working woman. Her mother, Polka Peter, was a real estate broker (a real estate agent who meets advanced licensing requirements to oversee other agents).

She is a dark horse sort of person; there is no further information about her parents available about her parents on the internet. And the reason behind she never shares much about herself on social media.


Jane is the only child of her parents, John Peter & Polka Peter & has no siblings. It is assumed that being an only daughter, she was the apple of her parent’s eye as her parents loved her.

Jane Musky’s Husband, Tony Goldwyn:

Tony Goldwyn, 63, was born on May 20, 1960. Tony’s birth place is Los Angeles, California. His birth sign is Taurus. He is the son of famous actress Jennifer Howard while his father, Samuel Goldwyn Jr., was a film producer, director, television producer & businessperson.

Being a son of famous personalities, he followed his parents’ profession; today, Tony Goldwyn is an American actor, singer, producer, director, and political activist.

Name Full Name: Anthony Howard Goldwyn
Nickname: Tony Goldwyn
Parents Father: Samuel Goldwyn Jr.
Mother: Jennifer Howard
Date of Birth May 20, 1960
Place of Birth Los Angeles, California
Age 63 Years
  • Actor
  • Singer
  • Producer
  • Director
  • Political Activist
Complexion Fair
Nationality American
Physical Appearance Height: 6ft 1in
Weight: 80kgs
Hair Color: Light Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Religion Jewish
Gender Female
Social Media Presence Facebook

Jane Musky & Tony Goldwyn Relationship:

Jane Musky married Tony Goldwyn in 1987. They both get married just after dating for a very short time. Everyone was curious to know about Tony Goldwyn’s wife as he is a famous actor. Here you can know their love story.

Jane was introduced to Tony by their mutual friend. Afterward, they stay in contact, and at last, they get married. In 2023, 34 years have passed since their marriage & still both of them leading a happy, successful life.

Tony Goldwyn Wife

In past years some rumors have spread about Tony being in a relationship with another girl due to some of his pictures. However, Jane makes it clear by making a statement on social media that the girl in pictures with Tony is our mutual friend; there is nothing more.

Afterward, many other rumors spread, but the situation was made clear by Tony & Jane to their fans on social media. Jane is 6 years older than Tony, but Tony still loves her even though she is six years older than Tony, but the age difference doesn’t ever affect their happy marriage.


Jane Musky & Tony Goldwyn share two beautiful daughters. Their children are the result of their love & secret of happy married life. Jane’s daughter’s name is:

  • Anna Musky Goldwyn
  • Tess Frances Goldwyn

Anna Musky-Goldwyn:

Anna Musky Goldwyn is the elder daughter of Tony & Jane, whom her parents welcomed happily after 3 years of their marriage. She is 33 years Young and was born on May 9, 1990, in Summit, N.J. Her birth sign is Taurus & she holds American nationality. Professionally, Anna is a screenwriter & scenographer.

Tony Goldwyn wife

Tess Frances Goldwyn:

Tess Frances Goldwyn is currently 28 years old and was born on March 6, 1995. Her birth place is Los Angeles. Tess has the birth sign of Pisces & her nationality is American. She is the younger daughter of Jane & Tony. Tess is an actress, singer, producer, director, and political activist.

Tony Goldwyn wife

Jane Musky Net Worth:

As Jane Musky led a successful married as well as professional life. According to the sources, Jane Musky’s net worth is about 4 million dollars as of 2023, as she is a Production Designer, Film Art Director, and TV Art Director.

Net Worth $4 Million

Jane’s Physical Appearance:

Jane is a height woman. She is 6 feet 1 inch & weighs 60 kg. Jane’s eye color is brown, while her hair color is blonde. Jane’s complexion is white. Overall, she looks pretty good with all those features.

Physical Appearance Height: 6ft 1in
Weight: 60kg
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Brown

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