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Junk Cars for cash, Buyers & Sellers in 2024

Junk Cars for cash, Buyers & Sellers in 2024

Jan 27, 2024

If you have any of the Junk Car, it would be better to sell it instead of repairing those cars which often takes more money than buying a new car. However, sometimes it becomes difficult to choose which buyer is the best one.

Here we will provide you with the top brand names that buy your junk cars at good prices and also provide you with several services.


Scrap Car Buyers:

Another name for junk cars is scrap cars. Moreover, we are going to provide you with information about the best scrap car buyers. Most popular companies include Peddle, Carvana, Wheelzy, Copart & CarBrain.  Details about these companies are given below.


This company is among the top buyers of junk cars. Not only we but also any other people prefer to sell their old, unrepairable cars to Peddle because of the variety of services which it provides.

Among those services, the greatest one is the cash time & free pickup services. When the man from the company comes to pick up your car before they take your car with them they pay for it, the price which was finalized while dealing.

Peddle also provides you with an online platform on which you can easily register for your car. Online you have to give basic information about the car, its current situation, etc.

Afterward, they will give you the best offers according to your car’s condition. Further, you have seven days to think about it. It depends upon you whether you want to accept the offer or reject their offer.

scrap car buyers


It provides almost the same offers as Peddle like free pick up, cash on pick up, and many more. Moreover, the one major difference is that you can sell your car anytime. The time which suits you.

Within a very short period or even within 30 minutes they’ll provide you with the best offers and buy your car. Additionally, Wheelzy provides you with online services and it doesn’t cause you so much hassle of form filling.

junk car pick up


It also provides you with the same offers as the previous ones. You can check out this website for offers. It might provide you with more good prices for your repairable cars.

scrap car buyers


Copart is a very well-known company for buying junk cars. Leading the world in 100% online auto auctions for wholesale, used, and repairable cars. Finding, bidding on, and winning automobiles like cars is made simple for Members by Copart.

Its bidding facility makes it different from other companies. Provide the basic information about your car and yourself and then get offers and choose from them as per your desire.

junk car pick up

  • Note that the above-suggested companies are all legit.

Other Places for Selling Your Old Cars:

It might become inconvenient for several individuals to sell their cars to companies. It usually happens to old-fashioned people. For their convenience here we also provide you with the solution to your problems.

Sell junk car for cash

  • NGO’s:

Some people often feel uncomfortable and bad while selling their scrap cars as they consider it an insult to get money for their cars. It usually happens to millionaires. However, here we also provide you with the solution for such people.

Those people can also give their old cars to several NGOs for human welfare. NGOs take your car and sell it to get the appropriate money. Afterward, they use that money for the betterment of the society.

  • Local Scrapyards:

Local Scrapyards are the best solution for selling your junk cars. It provides you the convenience of dealership and setting the price of your desire. As everything has its benefits and drawbacks the disadvantage of Local Scrapyards is that they may deduct the price of towing your car from the money you were going to get after selling your car to them.

Offers You Should Care for While Selling Your Car:

Before selling your car to any place you should look at what facilities the specific company offers you. The facilities you must take care of before selecting the place are given below:

  • Cash On Time:

First you must look that the company with which you’ll sell your car must pay you on time because sometimes some local or unknown companies don’t pay you on time which afterward becomes the reason for your continuous tension.

  • Junk Car Pick Up:

Another thing about which you should take care of is the pick-up of your car on time. As sometimes when you have signed the deal or everything is done but the specific organization doesn’t pick up your car on time it may get you in trouble as that unwanted car has taken its place in your home which doesn’t look good.

  • Recognizable:

You must have looked for a recognizable place to sell your car. Must look for customer reviews about particular private buyers or local scrapyards. Customer reviews will help you to select the best company that also pays the best price for your Scrap car.

Reasons Why You Sell Junk Cars:

There are the number of reasons for you to sell your junk car. Some of them are:

sell junk car for cash


  • Sell Junk Car for Cash:

If you need money to fulfill any specific need and you don’t have any money. In this case, you can sell your junk car so that you will be able not only to fulfill your needs but also to save the money to buy a new one.

  • Lost Car Key:

If you have lost your car key. There is no problem. You can sell your car to the best private buyers or local scrapyard who can give you the best price for your vehicle.

  • Old Car:

If your car is so old, you can sell your car so that you can get money or buy a new one or you can also use that money to fulfill your desires or wherever you want to.

  • Repairable Car:

Suppose your car is not in a condition to drive or needs some repair it costs you much more than buying a new car. You can sell that car to a particular place or a person and can take the money which you can use wherever you want to.

  • Little Problems:

Sometimes, there is no specific problem with your car. You just want to change your car. So, in this case you can sell your previous car at the reasonable price you want to and can buy a new car with the money you’ll get at the cost of your previous car. Good condition cars are more worthy than the junky, old cars.

Action Items to Take Before Car Sale:

There are a few things you need to do before giving your junk cars (vehicle) to the hands of others. These are:

  • Remove the license plate:

You must have removed the license plate from your car as it makes recognizable your vehicle and the owner. So, make sure to remove it to hide your real identity.

removing lisence plate

  • Take Your Things with You:

Removed all the things from your junk cars which belong to you. Nothing should be in your car that is related to you not only to maintain your privacy but also because sometimes your important things remain in the car and afterward it becomes difficult for you to get them back.


  • Resign from The Insurance Contract:

You must have canceled the insurance of your car if any. Because you don’t need to pay for the car anymore which you don’t have anymore.

sell junk car for cash

  • Take Out the Priceless Pieces:

You must have taken out the valuable parts of your junk cars. This covers everything, including the seats, audio, alternators, wheels, and batteries. So, you can also sell them at a reasonable price. Additionally, these specific parts are very valuable so, by selling these parts separately will provide you with more money.


  • For Your Junk Cars, Request a Quote:

You must’ve requested a quote for your scrap car. As sometimes some questions are often asked about your car while picking it up or while having the deal such as its age, model, condition, and so forth.

Make sure you are aware of these. It also helps you to know the best price for your scrap car and will help you in dealing. Request a quotation right now from Northside Salvage!


While searching for the information to sell your scrap/ junk cars in this case above written information helps you a lot. You are provided with all those things and information required by a person who is selling his/her junk or scrap car.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is a trash automobile sale permitted without a title?
A trash or unusable car without a title or suitable ownership documentation won’t be accepted by most purchasers. Before you can start a sale, you must get a duplicate title from your local DMV (Department of Motor Vehicle) or licensing authority if you have misplaced your original.

Which companies pay best for a scrap car?
Most of the time private buyers and local scrap yards pay you the amount that satisfies you.

Why is it important to remove personal belongings from the car?
It is very important as some times important things of yours remain in the car which put you in trouble.

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