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What is K-pop Diet: Also know about the most popular K-pop idols Diet Plans in 2024

What is K-pop Diet: Also know about the most popular K-pop idols Diet Plans in 2024

Sep 14, 2023

These days’ people have different kinds of diet plans to get slim and perfect body shape. Moreover, nowadays K-pop diet plans are getting more popular. K-pop Diet plans are those diet plans that are followed by popular K-pop idols for over a decennium.

K-pop diet is a diet that is low in calories, low in fat, and rich in fiber for weight loss. The diet is based on traditional Korean food staples. This diet will help you to lose weight if you are eating proper meals according to the diet plan or having regular exercise.

However, the K-pop diet plan stops you from having foods that contain a large amount of sugar and fats such as chocolates, fries, and lastly, things that are fried in oil and all.

K-pop diet includes foods such as Kimchi, Miso, and tempeh. Here we will also provide you with information regarding the most popular foods used by Korean pop stars to maintain themselves.

K pop diet


Kimchi consists of salted and fermented vegetables, usually napa cabbage or Korean radish, and is a typical Korean banchan. Moreover, this food Kimchi is included in K-pop diet plans as the number of calories in one cup of kimchi is 23.

One gram of protein & less than 1 gram of fat. However, a few researches it is found that Kimchi helps you to slim down by increasing your metabolic rate.



Miso is a common seasoning in Japan. It is the paste made by fermenting soybeans with salt, koji, and occasionally rice, barley, seaweed, or other materials to create a thick paste. Miso being part of the K-pop diet is very helpful in improving your gut health along with maintaining your diet.



Tempeh consists of fermented soybeans and is a classic Indonesian dish. Soybeans are bound into a cake shape using a natural culturing and controlled fermentation process. Tempeh, part of the K-pop diet helps you to lessen your ravenousness and to lose weight.


K-pop Stars Health Hazard Diet, The K-pop diet:

As we have converse at this time K-pop diet is getting very popular because of the slim and fit physiques of Korean celebrities so people are also inspired by their fitness and started following their diet plans to build figures like K-pop stars.

On the other hand, some of the K-pop stars have followed a diet that was menacing to their health and put forward people not to follow their diet plan.

Here we also provide you with the particulars regarding the diet plans of those K-pop idols who had put their lives in danger due to their austere diet plan, the K-pop diet.

Momo Twice:

Momo Hirai is a well-known member of the Korean girl’s group. She is among three Japanese girls in that group.  Momo is a Japanese singer, rapper, and dancer.

Moreover, in recent years Momo has followed a diet plan which approximately leads her to death. The statement made by Momo shows that she was asked by the company with which she was contracted that she had to lose 15 pounds in just one week to perform on the stage.

Momo was so scared and started a death diet. She spent the whole week in the gym and ate only one ice cube daily. Momo herself was very scared at that time as she thought while lying on the bed that she might not be able to wake up the next morning and due to that she started crying.

However, even after that death diet, she was not able to lose 15 pounds in just one week which is not possible for a common human being. Moreover, the company gave her three more days to reduce her weight.

Luckily, finally, she was able to lose her 15 pounds’ weight but this death diet put her in great trouble. According to the team members of Momo, they thought that Momo could faint at any time as her condition was so poor.

However, after losing a weight of 7 kg in just one week Momo regained her weight of 7 kg in the next week by eating like a horse. Furthermore, she suggests everyone not to follow her diet plan as it is very harmful to the health.


Park Jimin who is a member of the famous Korean band BTS had followed the diet which put him in a vicious circumstance. Jimin confessed it in 2018 when BTS appeared on a Please Take Care of My Refrigerator episode.

Jimin explained that during the “Blood Sweat & Tears” era of the BTS, he was on a death diet and was having meals only at one time a day. He continued that for frequently 10 days.

The other members of BTS often offer him to have food with them but he spurns. He does so due to his chubby appearance. According to Jimin, he doesn’t like his chubby appearance so he tries to lose weight to become slim and fit.

BTS’s other members also confessed that during that death diet of Jimin, they thought that he might be faint at any time because at that time Jimin was not only on the death diet but also spent approximately a whole day in the gym.

Furthermore, Jimin is not following that diet plan anymore as he looks so good and attractive with his cute chubby appearance.

Park Jimin

Lee Ji-Eun:

Lee Ji-eun also known as IU is a South Korean singer-songwriter, composer, and actress. In 2008 when she was just 15 while performing on stage alone one of the people in the audience called her a pig.

She was very hurt at that time and she started dieting to slim down which was also followed by her fans. The diet she follows is called the “MyProAna” diet. She confessed about it all on the Night of TV Entertainment in 2013.

She also told everybody about her diet plan. She said that she ate only one apple in her early meal, one or two sweet potatoes in her midday meal, and a protein shake at her supper.

As we talk her fans started following her diet plan which leads to anorexia (an eating disorder characterized by restriction of food intake leading to low body weight) in communities.

However, this diet has caused many after-effects on the person who followed the diet plan. The side effects include fainting, feebleness, and illness. However, IU soon realized that this diet plan caused her serious health problems so she stopped backing that diet plan.

Moreover, also she suggests everyone not to follow her diet as it causes serious problems to your health.

Lee Ji-eun


In conclusion, we can say that controlling your eating habits to stay healthy and fit is a good thing nevertheless to diet at the level that you do even not take care of your health is wrong. Moreover, we should follow a diet plan but it should be a kind of diet plan that doesn’t affect our health as health is very precious. K-pop diet helps in frequent weight loss, but it can lead to life-threatening complications as well if one doesn’t follow it rightly and starves instead.

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