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Get to Know About Sunil Kumawat in 2023

Get to Know About Sunil Kumawat in 2023

Nov 11, 2023

Sunil Kumawat a talented personality who gained fame based on his talent. As being said “Nothing worth having was ever achieved without effort” He also attained this notoriety as a result of his dedication as a comedian.  Read the below paragraphs to know about him more.

Biography of Sunil Kumawat:

As of late, Sunil, the incredible comedian, was born in 1999. We regretfully cannot inform you of Sunil’s actual birth month or day since we do not have these details. As a result, we are unable to determine Sunil’s zodiac sign. Moreover, he is an Indian national as he was born in Ganeri, Sikar, Rajasthan.

Sunil Kumawat

Name Full Name: Sunil Kumawat
Nickname: Sunil, Sunilyo
Parents Father: Soon Updated
Mother: Soon Updated
Date of Birth 1999
Place of Birth Ganeri, Sikar, Rajasthan
Age 24 years as of 2023
  • Rajasthani & Haryananvi Comedian
  • Actor
  • Reels & short video creator
Complexion Fair
Nationality Indian
Physical Appearance Height: 1.75m
Weight: 62 kg
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Religion Hindu
Net Worth $18K to $20K
Zodiac Sign Not Known
Social Media Presence Instagram


According to the DOB Sunil or as per the latest updates Sunil is 24 years old as of 2023.

Age 24 years as of 2023

Family & Educational Background:

Not very much is known about his family.  However, we learned that his older brother has a clothing store and that his father works overseas while his profession is not known. Moreover, we also found that he may have three siblings or have 7 to 8 total family members.

Nevertheless, we will try to update you about his family members as soon as we will get any update. Now coming to his educational background it is found that he graduated from Shekhawati University, Sikar (Rajasthan), and completed his earlier schooling at Shri Saraswati Senior Secondary School, Ganeri (Sikar).

Sunil Kumawat


Sunil is not from a very famous family. Sunil is the only person in his family who started his career as a comedian and that’s the reason why when he started his career in 2017 his family started making fun of him Sunil never cares about other’s opinion and do whatever he wants to and that’s the reason that he is famous today and earn very well from his social media account.

Besides being a comedian he also earns through his other social media accounts like Instagram, and Facebook by making reels. Sunil used to upload his comedy videos on his YouTube channel. Due to the effort he put in, he gets the YouTube silver button and also has three to four YouTube channels.

Sunil Kumawat


Profession/ Career
  • Rajasthani & Haryananvi Comedian
  • Actor
  • Reels & short video creator


On 11 May 2022 when Sunil was 23 he got married to his beloved Gungun Parjapati very little is known about her. However, Sunil & Gungun have been leading a happy married life for one year.

Sunil Kumawat wife

Net Worth:

Sunil net worth as per the latest updates is approximately $18K-$20K. The basic source of his income is his YouTube channel. However, other sources of income are some of his social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook, and a few more which he uses to upload his videos or reels.

Net Worth $18K to $20K

Physical Appearance:

Sunil Kumawat being very young looks so good and as fit as a fiddle.  Further, he stands 1.75 m long and weighs approximately 62 kg. He has brown hairs along his brown eyes. He looks quite good with all the features which he possesses.

Sunil Kumawat

Physical Appearance
  • Height: 1.75m
  • Weight: 62 kg
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Brown

Frequently Asked Questions:

With which YouTube channel did Sunil Kumawat work?
Sunil worked with the “Rajasthani Balak” YouTube channel and has 3 to 4 YouTube channels today. 

Why did Sunil Kumawat start his career as a comedian?
Sunil is very fun-loving and has had a good sense of humor since his childhood he thought that he could do well being a comedian so he decided to be a comedian as a profession.

What is the achievement of Sunil Kumawat?
Sunil is a famous and talented YouTuber and due to his effort, he got YouTube silver buttons.

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