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Tom Jones’s Son: Jonathan Berkery’s Biography & Situation in 2023

Tom Jones’s Son: Jonathan Berkery’s Biography & Situation in 2023

Jun 17, 2023

Jonathan Berkery, a love child of a music legend, Tom Jones, is famous for being his son. Following his father’s footsteps, he became a singer in New Jersey, USA. People are curious about the famous music star’s second son, who was hospitalized due to a bacterial infection. Read more about his early life, struggles, career, and more.


Jonathan Berkery is well known as Jon, born to a well-known singer, Tom Jones, and an actress, Katherine Berkery, on June 27, 1998, in New Jersey, USA. He was born due to an affair which was a three days fling when his father was on a musical tour. Let’s dive into the detailed aspects of Jon’s life.

Jon’s Early Life

Born on 27th June 1988 in the USA, his father abandoned him after his birth, accepting that it resulted from mere seduction. Katherine, Jonathan Berkery’s mother, took full responsibility for her son as his father hadn’t planned to have a child with an affair. 

After abandoning Jon, Katherine filed a case against Tom in court regarding child support. After paternity testing, Jonathan and Tom’s relationship was confirmed, and the court stated child support to his father. Tom started following the court’s order but didn’t acknowledge Jon as his son.

As a result of loneliness and abandonment, Jon’s upbringing was affected, and he grew up as an angry kid whose heart constantly desired his father’s love. Still, Tom didn’t acknowledge his second son. 


Jonathan Berkery 2023

Following this desire, Jonathan Berkery became so desperate and disheartened by this condition that he started missing from home and stayed on the streets. He started using several drugs, including ecstasy, cocaine, and more, and blamed his father for turning his life. 

Jon started being a drug dealer after becoming an addict; his mother threw him on the streets. He started sleeping in the homeless shelters and park benches alternatively.

Full Birth Name Jonathan Berkery
Nick Name Jon Jones
Gender Male
Date of Birth June 27, 1988
Age 35 years (as of 2023)
Ethnicity Mixed
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Marital Status Single
Jon’s Father Tom Jones
Jon’s Mother Katherine Berkery
Siblings Half-Brother: Max Woodward
Jon’s Height In Feet & Inches: 5 ft 9 in

In Centimeters: 175 cm

Jon’s Weight In Kilograms: 79 kg
Famous For Son of An American Music superstar: Tom Jones

Jon’s Cases

Jonathan Berkery spent 4 days in jail following his nasty lifestyle. When he faced lawsuits several times, he decided not to spend his life like this and started his musical career.

Jonathan Berkery 2023


Jonathan Berkery’s Career

Jon started his musical career following his father’s footsteps. Undoubtedly, he was talented and had a passion for singing since childhood. He was used to singing several songs in which his father’s songs, It’s Not Unusual and Delilah, were the priority.

He gained fame while sharing the stage with stars like Lil Kim, Shakira, Blu Cantrell, Nelly, and Jay Z and started his career with the US teen boy band. Initially, he sang at several bars, restaurants, streets, and parks to get pennies from passersby.

Jonathan Berkery 2023


Jon’s Half Brother

Tom Jones has a son from his long marriage with his late wife, Melinda Trenchard. The other son’s name is Mark Woodward, who is older than Jon and shares unique features with his father.

Tom’s Marriage

Tom had a long marriage with his high school girlfriend, Melinda Trenchard. They had a son, Mark, when they were 17 years old. When Tom’s profession was at its peak, he was approximately indulged in 250 women in a year, but his wife remained beside him through thick and thin.

Tom Jones


The couple had a unique chemistry and loved each other since their teenage. Unfortunately, his wife died in 2016 due to cancer. Afterward, Tom has several extramarital affairs, and Katherine is one among them, which resulted in the birth of a son, Jonathan.

Jonathan still wants to meet his father

It’s been around two decades since the father-and-son relationship was declared, but it didn’t get any better. Tom didn’t acknowledge the presence of his second son yet. In 2008, Jonathan reportedly had a bacterial infection, he tried to console the matter with his father before any worse happened, but Tom didn’t agree to meet him.

Jonathan Berkery tried to discuss the matter with his half-brother, Mark, but it didn’t work. Despite Jon’s hospitalized condition, Tom didn’t try to meet his son even once as he was at a point where Jon needed money but just wanted to resolve the matter.

After all the hardships of meeting his father, Tom refuses to meet him, and all the efforts remain in vain.

Tom Jones


Jonathan’s Current Status

Although Jonathan Berkery didn’t prove his worth in the music industry like his father, he is passionate about his career. Thirty-five years is working day and night to fix his music career and wants to get fame like his superstar father.

Jon wants to resolve all the matters with his father and wants a reconciliation because it can brighten his career, but the relationship is still in the dark. There are greater chances of success when he has a great bond with a known music star, Tom Jones.

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