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John Carl Dinklage Biography, Peter Dinklage’s Father and Career

John Carl Dinklage Biography, Peter Dinklage’s Father and Career

May 25, 2023

Everybody knows about Peter Dinklage, a well-known actor in the Hollywood industry. He is a talented actor widely known for this character in Game of Thrones. However, we are discussing Peter Dinklage’s father, i.e., John Dinklage.

John Carl Dinklage came into the spotlight because of his famous son. Earlier, he was an insurance salesman. Peter was also in the military before pursuing his career as an insurance salesman. He died when he was around 72 years old. Moreover, due to his son’s achievement, his name has remained alive for two decades.

Personal Information:

Full Name John Carl Dinklage
Famous As Peter Dinklage’s Father
Date of Birth October 24, 1931
Gender Female
Ethnicity Irish German
Place of Birth Morristown, New Jersey
Nationality American National

John Carl Dinklage Early Life and Childhood:

He was born on October 24, 1931, in New Jersey, in the town of “Morristown,” United States. He has Irish German ethnicity with American Nationality. His father’s name was “Richard Raymond Bruno Dinklage,” and his mother was “Florence Dinklage.” He was not the only child of his Parent. Three more kids named; Edna Jeannette Tapley, Ray Dinklage, and David P. Dinklage. John’s family moved to Mantoloking in 1949, where he remained for the time being, then shifted to Brookside. He spent the rest of his last days there.

His religion is Christianity, and he has Scorpio as his star sign.

Mother’s Name Florence Dinklage
Father’s Name Richard Raymond Bruno Dinklage
Siblings Three
Religion Christianity
Horoscope Scorpio

About His Family?

John Carl married the love of his life. His soul mate lady named Diane-E-Hayden in 1966. Diane changed her name after marriage to Diane Dinklage. She was born on March 6, 1943. When John was about 35 years old and Diane was 23 years, they both got married. They were blessed with two beautiful kids, Jonathan Dinklage and Peter Dinklage.

Jonathan Dinklage was the first son of them. He was born in Mendham Township. Furthermore, he also attained his education there. His career life is private. He is less active on social media than his younger brother. Still, in many Hollywood productions, he has his followers as violinists of excellent reputations as a part of it.


peter dinklage

John Dinklage second son is Peter Dinklage. He was born in 1969, on June 11. He started his career in the 1990s and gained popularity with the increasing time. In the 2000s, He was at the peak of his career. He is popular as a character named Tyrion Lannister in the famous TV series name Game of Thrones. This TV series is so famous that it earned many awards like Golden Globe Award and Primetime Emmy Award.

Peter Dinklage lately got married in 2005 to Erica Schmidt. They have two children, but sadly John is not alive to see his grandchildren and his son’s success.

Marital Status Married
Wife’s Name Diane-E-Hayden
Children Two sons
Children’s Name Jonathan Dinklage, Peter Dinklage

John’s Education, Career and Profession:

There needs to be more information updated about his academic life. However, it is known that he got his early education from an elementary school in New Jersey. If we talk about his career, Peter Dinklage’s father was in the US military before he continued his job as an insurance salesman. Furthermore, from 1955 to 1957, he was an Army first lieutenant in Korea. He took part in the Korean War. After he retired from the Army, he started his career in the insurance field, working as a salesman until his retirement in 1991. Besides that, he has a significant role in building his children’s careers, especially in the life of Peter. As Peter Dinklage’s father, he always supported and motivated him.

Profession Insurance Salesman

Peter Dinklage’s father’s relationship with his son:

John and Peter were more like friends as they were a father and sons. Peter has the shortest height, about 4 feet 5 inches, in the whole family, so John always supported him and was behind his son’s back. Furthermore, Peter has stunted growth and a medical condition called Achondroplasia (a kind of dwarfism). So John motivated him and said his height would not become a barrier in his career and he would achieve milestones.

peter dinklage

John Carl’s physical appearance, weight, age and height:

Peter’s father had an impressive and charming personality. He has brown coloured eyes and hair. At the age of 72, he died. Besides that, little information about his weight and looks is available. He is around 5 feet 7 inches long.

Age 72 years old
Height 5 feet 7 inches

John Dinklage’s Net Worth:

His net worth is around $100k and $500k. Besides that, his son, Peter Dinklage, has a net worth of around $25 million. After his popularity in Game of Thrones, his net worth increased to approximately $30 million as he charged $1.1 billion per episode.

Net Worth Around $100k to $500k

John Carl Dinklage Social Media:

John could have been more active on social media platforms. He does not have any Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook accounts. Moreover, because of his Star son, he was in the limelight of the media industry.

Facebook Facebook Link
Instagram will be updated soon
Twitter will be updated soon

John Dinklage’s Death:

Peter Dinklage’s father, John Carl Dinklage, died at 72 on June 27, 2004. When he died, he was working as a fly fisherman. However, the exact reason for this tragic death is not known. He has seen his Parent and two siblings’ death in his lifespan. After his death, John Dinklage’s wife and two sons greatly missed him. His last funeral ceremony was held in St. Mary Abbey Delbarton School, New Jersey, Morristown.

Death Date 27th June 2004
Burial Place New Jersey

Conclusively, John Carl Dinklage was a decent man with a charming personality. He was not famous in the media industry but came into the spotlight due to his Son, Peter Dinklage. He remained popular for up to two decades because of his son’s success. Peter is a famous star of a great TV show named Games of Thrones. John is a great and supportive father. He was always there for his children. Unfortunately, he didn’t live long and see his son succeed, but he will always be in the memory of his family.

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