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December 7, 2023
Sarah Ziolkowska curious Life Story and personal life 2023

Sarah Ziolkowska curious Life Story and personal life 2023

May 25, 2023

Sometimes to be a spouse of a celebrity is a blessing in disguise. After that, it’s hard to keep your personal life out of the media industry, but certainly, it’s a blessing that you are famous because of your spouse. The other marriage partner gained popularity too. Are you people excited to know to whom I m talking? Here, our center of the discussion is Sarah Ziolkowska. Many people know her as Nathan Fielder wife. But they need to find out that she is also a Canadian librarian. However, she gained popularity after her marriage to Nathan Fielder, but it will be more her efforts and accomplishments as a librarian. This article covered Sarah Ziolkowska’s educational and career life, marriage, and divorce from Nathan Fielder and Nathan Fielder girlfriend. So stay connected.

sarah ziolkowska

Who is Sarah Ziolkowska?

Nathan Fielder’s wife, Sarah, is a Canadian Librarian. She was born in Toronto, Canada. 12th May 1983 is her birth year. According to this date of birth, she is now 39 years old till 2022. Sarah Ziolkowska carries a Canadian nationality. Besides of Canadian citizen, she belongs to a Caucasian White Ethnicity. Her Parent’s and siblings’ information is not available on the Internet, so we are unaware of them. Neither Sarah disclosed about her family, nor did they come into Spotlight.

Name Sarah Ziolkowska
Date of Birth 12 May 1983
Birthplace Toronto, Canada
Nationality Canadian
Ethnicity White

Nathan Fielder’s wife, Sarah’s Educational life:

She gained her primary education from a local school in Canada. Afterward, she was admitted to the University of Toronto in 2002 for graduation. She completed her graduation in 2007 with a Bachelor of Applied Science in the psychology field. Further, in 2009, for Post-graduation, she went to Dalhousie University and gained a Master’s in library and information science.
After six years of education, she obtained academic awards and certification from the United Latino Student Association, which bestowed her with Wilson Reading System Certification.

Sarah Ziolkowska’s Career:

Nathan Fielder’s wife chooses education as a profession. She completed an internship at W.K. Kellog Health Science Library from 2008 to 2009 while doing her Master’s in library and information science. She assisted students in their research work and academic activities as an intern. Her responsibility is to make an information literacy webcast. She worked as an assistant teacher at her postgraduate alma mater, Dalhousie University. She graduated from the same university and started teaching and research work for almost two years. She became a librarian and reading specialist at Park Century School, Culver City, California. Since then, she has remained in the education system while rising. She was awarded Wilson Reading Certification in 2015. Sarah gained experience in reading intervention programs while teaching the unprivileged students in the Wilson Program. Furthermore, she also works as a part-time youth librarian at Halifax North Memorial Public Library.

Profession Librarian and Reading Specialist

How Sarah Ziolkowska Meets Nathan Fielder?

The place of the first meeting of Sarah Ziolkowska and Nathan Fielder is still being determined. We gathered news about the Canadian librarian Sarah and comedian Nathan Fielder meeting in 2007. After the first meeting, they dated for years before marriage. They fell in deep love with each other. They both were seen together in different places.
Further, around 2011, they exchanged wedding rings, and then Nathan Fielder’s girlfriend, Sarah, became Nathan Fielder’s wife. They did their wedding in a small gathering, only inviting their close friends and family members. After that, this wonderful couple lives happily together as a husband and wife for years. Sarah and Nathan both don’t have any children from this marriage.

Why did Nathan Fielder and his wife get separated? What happened between them?

Much news is circulating that Sarah and her husband’s divorce is due to fame and money. That is why we can say how much more critical family bonding and love are in married life than fame and money. News circulated that Nathan tried to maintain distance from his wife when he became famous in the entertainment industry. Their married life became materialistic and run by only fame. Sarah also said once that because of Nathan’s rude and self-centered attitude; it was unbearable for her to continue her marriage. She noticed his behavior changed after his popularity in the comedy reality show “Nathan for You” in 2013.

sarah ziolkowska

After that, the beautiful couple publicly separated in 2014. On 16 April 2015, they officially divorced at the Los Angeles-based Stanley Mosk Courthouse.

Nathan preferred not to discuss his divorce issue but broke his silence later. He said that it was a harrowing situation and a shocking emotional thing. He also said that separation and divorce are similar to disease and cancer.

Marital Status Divorced

News about Nathan’s Fielder Girlfriend:

One of the famous writers of the American T.V. show, Jh Benjamin, spotted Nathan and his girlfriend together. Nathan Fielder’s girlfriend’s name is Maci. She was seen with him near Arkansas. In 2017, while telecasting the two-hour Nathan For You season finale. They spent amazing screen time together. After Nathan’s show ended, they were seen together holding hands gently. The comedian-actor said during his voiceover, “The more things we kept shooting, the harder it was to feel where the show ended, and life began.” He also said there was nothing between us, and he paid $350 to her for this hanging out.

We are unaware of Nathan Fielder’s girlfriends as he doesn’t disclose much information about the girls he sees around. He keeps away his private life from the media industry.

Sarah Ziolkowska Age, Height, Weight, and Physical Appearance:

As of 2022, Nathan Fielder’s Wife is around 39 years old. She has dark brown hair and eye color. Sarah is physically active and intelligent. She does not disclose her weight or height in the media. So there needs to be more information recorded.

Age 39 years

Sarah Ziolkowska’s Net Worth:

Nathan Fielder’s ex-wife, Sarah, earns money as a librarian and Reading Specialist. We estimated her net worth to be around $400 thousand as of early 2021. However, the average salary of a librarian assistant is around $24,960, as per Glassdoor.

If we talk about Nathan Fielder’s net worth, it is much more than her wife. As he is a famous actor, writer, and comedian, we estimated around $ 3 million net worth.

Net Worth $400,000 (USD)

Conclusive Remarks:

Ultimately, Sarah Ziolkowska is famous because of his ex-husband Nathan Fielder. She continues his career as a Reading Specialist and a librarian. The public wants to know about her, but after her divorce, she avoids to come in Spotlight and keeps her personal life private from the social network. We wish her the very best of luck for her future.

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Twitter Sarah’s Twitter
Instagram will be updated soon

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