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Hanne Norgaard Biography, Age, Family & Physical Appearance in 2023

Hanne Norgaard Biography, Age, Family & Physical Appearance in 2023

Oct 24, 2023

Kim Elba, a pen name for Hanne Norgaard, is famous for being the ex-wife of Idris Elba an actor. However, besides having a famous ex-spouse she has gained recognition as a professional makeup artist. Further, if you want to locate more about Hanne read the below paragraphs.

Biography of Hanne Norgaard:

On April 5, 1977, in Atlanta, GA the world was rewarded with a talented makeup artist Hanne Norgaard. She was born with the astrological sign of Aries. She holds British nationality. However, regarding her ethnicity, it is come to know that once Hanne posted on her social media account that she is a Blasian as she is of Afro-Asian descent.

Hanne Norgaard


Name Full Name: Hanne Norgaard
Nickname: Kin Elba
Parents Father: Not Known
Mother: Kyue Nam Kim
Date of Birth April 5, 1997
Place of Birth Atlanta, GA
Age 46 years as of 2023
  • Makeup Artist
Complexion Dark
Nationality British
Physical Appearance Height: 5’2″
Weight: 55 kg
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Religion Christianity
Net Worth $900,000
Zodiac Sign Aries
Social Media Presence Instagram


Hanne was born on April 5, 1977, and as of 2023, she will be 46 years old based on this date.

Age 46 years as of 2023

Family Background:

Nevertheless, when we talk about someone’s family the first thing that comes to our mind is his/her parents. However, Hanne Norgaard was an adopted child whom Danish parents adopted.

However, Hanne to know her biological parents started searching for them. However, it is found that Hanne’s mother belongs to South Korea while her father is probably African-American.

That’s the reason that Hanne is of Afro-Asian descent. Further, Hanne found out about her father through Ancestry. Unfortunately, she was unable to find her mother. Even her dad does not know about her mother.

Once in 2018, she posted on her Instagram account that she was searching for her mother. However, Hanne to search for her mother also went to an orphan home in Korea where she lived before getting adopted by Danish parents.

There she found a lot of information regarding her mother but unfortunately, she is still unable to find her mother. However, Hanne once stated that Kyue Nam Kim is her mother’s name & that she goes by the Korean name Nam Hee Kim.

The particulars regarding Hanne’s siblings and early life are not known just as her mother. It’s also not known whether she has siblings or not. This is because Hanne is a dark horse. However, Hanne was raised in the U.S., South Korea & England.

hanne norgaard


Here you will find everything regarding Hanne’s Career. Nevertheless, since she was young, Hanne has been drawn to fashion and beauty. However, to fulfill her dreams she went to London and started modeling.

Despite that Hanne parents were very concerned about Hanne’s education. For that purpose, they asked Hanna to study makeup artistry as it is also concerned with her interest.

However, between 2004 and 2006, Hanne graduated with the highest honors from the S.C. Institute in Washington, DC, with a diploma in makeup artistry. She also studied at the International Makeup Artist Academy in Europe, where she earned a diploma in makeup, hair, nails, and special effects with the highest honors.

Afterwards, she worked with well-known brands including Ralph Lauren, Rolling Out, Columbia Tristar, Sean Combs, BBC, Calvin Klein, and BET. Hanne also got the chance to work with famous personalities like Robin Williams, Idris Elba, and Shaquille O’Neal.

After all these efforts she was able to open her cosmetic brand Kim Elba Cosmetics. She is also the founder of Makeup Your Mind Inc. However in 2016 she achieved BEFFTA Lifetime Achievement Award due to her successful career.


Hanne married one of her celebrity customers Idris Elba whom she met in London in 1999. However, Idris & Hanne welcomed their beloved daughter Isan Elba in 2002. Unfortunately, due to some hidden reasons Hanne & Idris divorced.

The reasons are under wraps because Hanne & Idris never revealed the reason. However, they decided to be friends after the divorce and continued co-parenting their child even though they celebrated their beautiful daughter’s 16th birthday together in 2018.

Hanne & Idris:

Hanne and Idris

Even after the divorce, Hanne kept her ex-husband’s name Elba after divorce to use it as her brand name. However, after 10 years in 2013, Hanne married Andrew L Friar II (pastor at Heart Strong Church in Atlanta).

However, the couple married at the beachfront backdrop of Treasure Island. Moreover, there is no more information regarding their personal life.  Nevertheless, according to Hanne Andrew is a very kind, patient, and supportive man.

She is enjoying a happy life with her spouse Andrew and that’s the reason that they have been together for more than 10 years.


According to the sources Hanne has only one beautiful daughter Isan Elba whom she shares with her ex-husband Idris Elba. The details of Hanne’s kids with Andrew are not known and the reason we have conferred before.

hanne and isan

However, Isan as per the latest updates will become 21 years old as of 2023.  However, following her father’s footsteps she has moved into the entertainment industry to have a successful career as an actress and director.

Isan Elba:

isan elba

Social Media Presence Instagram

Net Worth:

Hanne Norgaard has a successful career as a makeup artist. So according to the latest updates her net worth is found to be $900,000 which is enough amount to have a luxury lifestyle.

Net Worth $900,000

Physical Appearance:

Hanne Norgaard as we know that she is 46 years old. Even at this age, she has maintained herself so much that she has a considerable fan following not only due to her career as a makeup artist but also due to her beauty. However, Hanne is 5 feet 2 inches tall and she weighs 55kg. She has black hair as well as black attractive eyes.

Hanne Norgaard

Physical Appearance
  • Height: 5’2″
  • Weight: 55 kg
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Black

Frequently Asked Questions:

How many times did Hanne Norgaard have married?
Hanne married two times in her lifetime. For the first time, she married Idris Elba in 1999 and after her divorce, she married Andrew L Friar II in 2013.

How many children does Hanne Norgaard have?
As per sources Hanne has only one daughter Isan Elba whom she shares with her ex-husband Idris Elba.

Why Hanne Norgaard is famous?
Hanne Norgaard is famous not only for being the ex-wife of Idris Elba but also for her career as a professional makeup artist.

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