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Virginia Marie Carter Biography, Family & Physical Appearance in 2024

Virginia Marie Carter Biography, Family & Physical Appearance in 2024

Feb 26, 2024

Today we are going to talk about an individual who is famous because of her efforts to reach the place where she is. Virginia Marie Carter is a real estate agent at Charles Burt Realtors and along with this she also has entered the entertainment industry.

Biography of Virginia Marie Carter Daniels Smithson:

Having birth on October 16, 1972, makes Virginia presently 51 years old while she is near to becoming 52 years old in October 2024.  She is an American citizen because of her birthplace which is Stedman, New York, United States. The state agent has the zodiac sign of Libra. Further, she has a mixed ethnic background and has a strong faith in Jesus.

Virginia Marie Carter

Name Full Name: Virginia Marie Carter Daniels Smithson
Nickname: Virginia Marie Carter, Ginger Carter
Parents Father: Robert Gene Carter
Mother: Margaret Pamela Julie Daniel
Date of Birth 16 October 1972
Place of Birth Stedman, New York
Age 51 years old
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Actress
Complexion Fair
Nationality American
Physical Appearance Height: 5’4″
Weight: N/A
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Religion Christian
Net Worth N/A
Zodiac Sign Libra
Social Media Presence Non

Family of Virginia Marie Carter:

This dedicated woman was blessed by Robert Gene Carter who is a famous business man and Margaret Pamela Julie Daniel. Robert father of Virginia married thrice in his life.

Robert Gene Carter:

Robert Gene Carter

For the first time, he married Pamela Freeman Wolfe with whom he shares Virginia Marie Carter which is already discussed. Due to some personal issues both of them Robert and Pamela separate their ways.

Afterward, the businessman married Jane Carter. With his second wife Robert shares 5 children Nick Carter having the birth year 1980 and is an American singer by profession, Bobbie Jean Carter came into the world in 1982 and did cosmetic artistry in addition to outfit styling, Leslie Carter (1986) was a professional a singer, songwriter and an actress, twins Aaron Carter (1987) held singing, songwriting, rapping and acting as a profession, and Angel Carter (1987) who is today a very well recognized model and a singer.

Nick Carter:

Nick Carter

Social Media Presence Instagram

Bobbie Jean Carter:


Leslie Carter:


Twins “Angel Carter & Aaron Carter”:

Angel and Aaron Carter

Moreover, due to some private issues, Robert and Jane decide to separate their ways by their mutual assent. However, after the separation from Jane Carter Robert remarried to Ginger Carter.

Ginger gave birth to the seventh and youngest child of Robert in 2005 named Kaden Brent Carter who is a teenager today and doesn’t have any profession but even after that, she is famous because of his famous siblings.

Kaden Brent Carter:


Even after the divorce from his wives Robert took the responsibility of his children and took much care of them and always tried to keep them all together as a family.

That is why today all of the half siblings including their mothers have a very close bond with each other as through thick and thin, they are all there for one another. 

What Happened to Virginia’s Family?

Virginia’s family had faced great losses in the last few years. At first, Leslie Carter the younger sister of Virginia who was a singer, songwriter, and actress died at the very young age of 25.

She died on January 31, 2012, during her visit to her father and stepmom Ginger in Mayville. Moreover, a combination of olanzapine, cyclobenzaprine, and alprazolam was shown to be responsible for her death.

On May 16, 2017, Virginia lost her father at the age of 65. It was an unexpected death. However, Robert’s primary cause of death was his health problems. All of the family members shared their feelings about the death of their beloved father on social media.

Afterward, Aaron, a famous singer, songwriter, rapper, and actor also the twin of Angel Carter left the world. At the residence in Lancaster, California, the singer passed away at the age of thirty-four on November 5, 2022.

It is still unknown what caused him to pass away. In the same month, the Carter family bore the loss of another family member. Sadly, on November 27, 2022, Virginia’s half-sibling mother died at the age of 64.

Recently, on December 23, 2023, Carter faced the loss of another family member named Bobbie Jean Carter. The real reason behind her death is still a mystery.

Virginia Career Details:

Multi-potential Virginia paved the way for achievement in a variety of disciplines. Despite her famous siblings Virginia chose a path of profession which keeps her completely away from the limelight.

The lady is a real estate agent at Charles Burt Realtors about which we’ve already conferred. However, she doesn’t confine herself to only one profession. She paved the path of acting along with her job as an agent.

She did a TV show “House of Carters” alongside her famous siblings and father. Because of her good acting skills, the audience liked her character a lot. Moving on, Virginia also put her leg in the educational field.

house of carters

Virginia due to her love for education gave her services to the former Memorial High School as an assistant in the language arts and math departments. Additionally, her dedication to the Stella Historical Society and her involvement in the Central Christian Centre demonstrates her devotion to her community.

Relationship Status:

Virginia being a dark horse never shares anything related to her personal life. However, after searching a lot we know that the agent is the wife of Ryan Smithson.

Moreover, the details regarding her husband are under rags. Further, about the motherhood of Virginia, it is coming to know that presently she is a proud mom of her daughter Taylor.

Virginia Marie Carter Daniels Smithson:

Virginia Marie Carter the daughter of entrepreneur Robert Gene Carter and the sister of the late singer Aaron Carter is also known as “Virginia Marie Carter Daniel Smithson” because of her mother’s last name which is Daniel and her husband’s last name Smithson.

Net Worth:

The estate agent as per our information has a very successful career. She can earn a lot through her profession as she locks outstanding deals which profits her a lot. However, the exact income of the actress is under rags but it is coming to know that she is having a life full of comforts.

Physical Appearance:

The lady who stands five feet and four inches tall remarkably looks as fit as a fiddle even at the age of 52. However, her remaining body measurements are unknown. Further, she has beautiful big blue eyes and has pleasing blonde hair.

Physical Appearance Height: 5’4″
Hair Color:
Eye Color:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is Virginia Marie Carter?
She is a real estate agent and an actress. Widely known for being the daughter of Robert Gene Carter and sister of Aaron Carter.

Does Virginia Marie Carter have Kids?
Being a dark horse Virginia doesn’t disclose any information about her kids that she has or not. However, it is assumed that she is a proud mom.

Name the TV series in which Virginia Marie Carter made an appearance.
“House of Carters” is a TV series in which Virginia makes an appearance alongside her father and famous siblings.

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