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Unveiling the Enigma: Delve into the Fascinating Life of Yukiye Kitahara in 2024

Unveiling the Enigma: Delve into the Fascinating Life of Yukiye Kitahara in 2024

Mar 18, 2024

Most of the time you search for your favorite actor/actress to get to know about him/her. However, while searching about those celebrities you might come across some individuals who are not famous and have successful careers but are known due to some kind of relationship with those specific celebrities.

In today’s article, we are going to talk about the individual who gets fame for being the ex-wife of a celebrity. Yes, we are talking about Pat Morita’s ex-wife Yukiye Kitahara. Read the below paragraphs to know everything about the individual.

Pat Morita’s Ex-Wife, Yukiye Kitahara Biography:

Yukiye Kitahara being a dark horse kept her specifics secret. She doesn’t unveil much about her even when she is with Pat. However, we are unable to give you the details about her DOB, birthplace, and many more.

Besides all these facts, we succeeded in finding out that she holds Japanese nationality which makes it reveal that she was born in Japan. Further, she has Asian ancestry. Moreover, if we get any information about the lady’s specifics, we will update you as soon as possible.

yukiye kitahara

Name Full Name: Yukiye Kitahara
Nickname: Yukiye
Parents Father: Soon Updated
Mother: Soon Updated
Date of Birth Soon Updated
Place of Birth Japan
Age Soon Updated
Profession Soon Updated
Complexion Fair
Nationality Japanese
Physical Appearance Height: Soon Updated
Weight: Soon Updated
Hair Color: Soon Updated
Eye Color: Soon Updated
Religion Soon Updated
Net Worth Soon Updated
Zodiac Sign Soon Updated
Social Media Presence Soon Updated

Family, Education & Career:

Like her other specifics, there is no information available about the lady’s family, qualifications, and profession. Nothing has been found about her except that she is the ex-wife of late Pat Morita. However, if we get any information regarding the actor’s wife we will try to update you as immediately as possible.

Yukiye & Pat’s Relationship:

No details are known about them how Pat met Yukiye and all but it is unveiled that the couple married in 1970 and got separated in 1989. Further, the couple faced so many challenges during their married life.


One of the many challenges they encountered was the mudslide that destroyed their uninsured Tarzana, California home. The other one is the sickness of their child the details are given in the below paragraph.

pat morita ex wife

These are those troubles that are public. Nobody knows the personal matters between them. Still, the real reason behind their divorce is behind the curtains. However, it is often said that following so many troubles the couple decided to part ways thinking that their difficulties might decrease after their separation.

Afterward Pat married again while Yukiye who was already leading a private life became more secretive and preferred to keep more low profile. That is the reason it is unknown if Yukiye married again or not.

Yukiye Kitahara & Pat Morita’s Children:

Yukiye & Pat are the proud parents of two beautiful daughters named Tia and Aly Morita. None of them have followed the profession of their father and made their path to success. Unlike her father, Tia is a researcher while Aly Morita is a writer of short stories and novels.

Pat Morita’s Biography:

Pat Morita is the late Japanese-American actor widely known for his beautiful playing the role of Arnold on Happy Days and Mr. Miyagi in “The Karate Kid”. While searching about his private life it is coming to know that the actor has married thrice in his life. Yukiye Kitahara was his second wife with whom he spent almost 19 years.


However, he was first married to Kathleen Yamauchi just after graduating from Armijo High School in Fairfield, California. With Kathleen, he spent 14 years of his life. Not only this Pat also shares a daughter with Kathleen named Erin Morita.

We have already discussed his marriage with Yukiye. Now, coming to his third wife named it is coming to know that her name is Evelyn Guerrero. Pat never divorced her and was with her until his last breath. However, he doesn’t share any child with Evelyn.

Yukiye Kitahara’s Husband Addiction:

As per reports, Pat Morita started drinking at the age of 12 which caused him a lot of trouble not only in his personal but also in his professional life. However, it is often said that Pat’s extreme drinking issues caused his divorce from Kitahara. Additionally, drinking is also considered the cause of his extreme health problems which led him to death.

The Passing of Pat Morita: Reflecting on the Legacy of a Beloved Actor:

November 24, 2005, was a sorrowful day for the admirers of Pat as he passed away from this world on this day at the age of 73. However, the exact reason behind the actor’s death is unknown as Morita’s family made different statements about the reason behind Pat’s death.


The manager of Pat said that he died because of his kidney failure while on the other hand, while Pat’s daughter Aly said heart failure was the cause of his death. That is why the reason behind the actor’s death is still a mystery.

Pat Morita’s Net Worth:

Using his acting skills smartly Pat Morita not only earned fame but also earned a lot of money. According to the estimates, it is coming to know that at the time of Pat’s death, his net worth was 5 million dollars.

Yukiye Kitahara Physical Appearance:

Kitahara never preferred to come in front of cameras even when she was with the actor. That is the reason that her body measurements and other beauty features are not known.

However, from some of the pictures of her on social media, it can be seen that apparently she looks very elegant and has maintained herself very well. Further, if we get any update regarding this, we will try to update you as soon as possible.

yukiye kitahara

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is Yukiye Kitahara?
Yukiye Kitahara is a woman who gains recognition for being the wife of Pat Morita the stunning late actor.

For how many years did Yukiye Kitahara & Pat stay married?
The couple married in 1970 and parted ways in 1989 due to some personal reasons. However, according to the estimates the couple spent almost 19 years of life together facing all the hardships together.

How many children do Yukiye Kitahara and Pat Morita have?
Together Pat & Yukiye share two beautiful daughters named Tia and Aly Morita. None of them followed in the footsteps of their father as Tia is a researcher while Aly is a writer.

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